Project Hope

Project Hope was started after the encouragement of friends. For years I have been trying to make a difference in this life and in the lives of many, by bringing Hope(His Hope) through the connecting of people, services, resources, products, fundraising, and so much more. Sometimes it is as simple as banding together a group or just an individual, and bestowing a smile or blessing or a special gift, or connecting that person with someone else that can fill a need... just because...or after a trauma and they need to be uplifted. Hope crosses all lines and barriers of culture, race, religion, and economic and educational backgrounds. Sometimes we connect individuals, sometimes we band together to help charities in last minute fund raising efforts...Each project is taken into prayerful consideration and we do what we are able. This is done locally, nationally, and internationally.
Life is about relationships and connections. I look forward to connecting with many of you!

In the past year we( I say we, because without YOU, we can't go forward for long...) were only able to do a few things due to lack of funding and proper office equipment. But, we did make a difference in some peoples lives. We were able to bless a family that has suffered a tremendous tragedy. The wife was hit by an 18 wheeler on one rainy morning on the way to work. Her husband, sister, myself, and some others spent months at the hospital as she miraculously lived. Her husband, one of the most amazing examples of a Godly husband I have ever had the honor of getting to know, is now,literally , her 24/7 caretaker. Project Hope has had the privilege of arranging gift baskets from some of her favorite hotel vacation spots over the time of their marriage, toiletries needed for the skincare of someone with traumatic injuries, and meals to help ease the daily work her husband must attend to. Their needs are ongoing and once again I am compelled to do something to bring a ray of Hope to this family who suffers in so many ways, for so long...These things are only a small touch of what can bring hope into their lives.
Another project was to find the resources to help foreign missionaries coming to the states for a summer conference, to equip them and their people to instruct, teach, and bring Hope to the areas of the world they serve. This was so thankfully accomplished through the donations of books, cds, dvds, cassettes, Bible cds, of numerous agencies around the world, along with some wonderful companies that donated bookbags.( we reached over 500 people with these teaching tools.)
We also were helping to raise funds on last minute projects for numerous people locally and nationally.
I have many projects on hold as I try to do fund raising and make connections with people, services, and products. The requests come pouring in, along with my own desire to bring awareness to different contributions of time, resources, products, services, and ourselves in various areas of life. I will try to list some of these projects, so you may have the opportunity , as you are led, to make a difference in the life and lives of many. Each of us, CAN make a difference and bring Hope into the lives of many, one person, one day at a time!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Michelle Riggs said...

I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I will be praying for you.

Thank you so much for praying for Abby.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for following us! I will be praying for your mission to succeed in every way imaginable. Hopefully, we can work together this year to uplift each others causes.